The Mind Connection opened at its new location Jan. 14, according to owner Janelle Martin. Martin and her daughter and business partner Regan Steinert offer addiction counseling, Iasis microcurrent neurofeedback therapy and brain-spotting services to treat a variety of mental health issues. Iasis microcurrent neurofeedback therapy sends a painless microcurrent of energy into the brain through electrodes, while brain spotting targets a spot in the visual field so trauma can be processed without the patient needing to discuss the trauma, Martin said. These therapies can be used in combination with each other, and Martin said her goal is to aid people's mental health without medication.

Previously located in Cypress, the Mind Connection is now located at 21638 Hwy. 249, Ste. A, Houston. Martin and Steinert are both licensed chemical dependency counselor interns, according to the business’s website. 832-492-8518.