In December, construction wrapped up on two groups of 2018 bond projects from the Harris County Flood Control District that focus on improving water flow along Cypress Creek and its tributaries, according to a Dec. 30 news release from the HCFCD.

Batch 1 and 2 of the Major Maintenance of Cypress Creek and Tributaries program were completed ahead of schedule, according to the news release. Combined, the two phases utilized almost $17 million in bond funds and a little over 13 linear miles of work was completed.

The Major Maintenance of Cypress Creek and Tributaries program will be completed in four to five total batches: Batch 3 and 4 are currently in progress.

This program is targeted at bettering “channel conveyance capacity” in the Cypress Creek watershed by removing built-up sediment and repairing erosion damage, according to the news release. Examples of other work in these batches includes replacing “riprap” stones to to fight erosion, outfall pipes, manholes and concrete channel linings.

A $13.4 million project, Batch 1 included about 8 miles of work across seven different channels south of Spring Cypress Road in the Spring area. Construction on this portion of the program began in June 2020 and includes improvements on Spring, Theiss and Dry gullies.

Batch 2—a $3.3 million effort spanning nearly 6 miles of work across nine channels north of Cypress Creek near Hwy. 249—launched in August 2021. This batch encompassed nine channels, including tributaries of both Faulkey and Pillot gullies.

HCFCD began construction on Batch 3 of the program in summer 2022 with completion anticipated for the summer of 2024. This $10.8 million segment of the project includes nearly 6 miles of work across 12 channels.

Construction on Batch 4 is expected to begin in early 2023. The project will cover 4 miles of work across several tributaries.

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Danica Lloyd contributed to this report.