The Harris County Flood Control District has been awarded $9.8 million in federal funding to help repair the Barker Reservoir watershed from damages caused by Hurricane Harvey in 2017, U.S. Rep. Lizzie Fletcher, D-Houston, announced in a June 23 news release.

The funding, issued through the Federal Emergency Management Agency, is aimed at restoring water channels to pre-Harvey levels of conveyance by removing sand and sediment buildup caused by the storm, officials said.

HCFCD Director of Operations Alan Black said removing the buildup will help restore capacity to the channels, including Mason Creek and Upper Buffalo Bayou, that flow into Barker Reservoir.

“The hurricane deposited large quantities of sand and sediment along the banks and within the channels throughout Barker Reservoir watershed,” Black said in a statement. “The Flood Control District will oversee repairs to the drainage system to restore our infrastructure back to pre-disaster design, capacity and function by removing more than 200,000 cubic yards of sediment. That’s enough to fill roughly 20,000 dump trucks.”

During Harvey, officials said an estimated volume of 206,863 cubic yards of sand and sediment was deposited along the banks and within the channels throughout the Barker Reservoir watershed.

Officials noted the federal government is providing a 90% share of the $10.85 million project cost with a 10% local match.