Before the March 2022 primaries, dozens of candidates have signed up to run for political positions representing the Spring and Klein community as of the candidate filing deadline Dec. 13, according to the Texas Secretary of State website.

The winners for each party in the March primaries will determine which candidates will be on the ballot in the November general election. Of note, 12 candidates have filed for newly created congressional District 38, including two Democrats and 10 Republicans; seven candidates have filed for Precinct 4 county commissioner, including incumbent R. Jack Cagle; and five candidates have filed for Texas House District 150, including incumbent Valoree Swanson.

Ahead of the March 2022 primaries, the first day to apply for a ballot by mail will be Jan. 1 and the last day will be Feb. 18 (received not postmarked); the last day to receive ballots by mail will be March 1. Additionally, the last day to register to vote in the March 2022 primaries will be Jan. 31. Early voting will run Feb. 14-25 and election day will be March 1.

Additionally, through Harris County's countywide polling place program, registered voters may cast their ballots at any vote center countywide during both early voting and on election day.

For more information about voting in Harris County, click here.

*Indicates incumbent

Harris County judge

Hector Bolanos (R)

Martina Lemond Dixon (R)

Robert Dorris (R)

Oscar Gonzales (R)

Warren Howell (R)

Randall Kubosh (R)

Vidal Martinez (R)

Alex Mealer (R)

Ahmad R. "Rob-Beto" Hassan (D)

Lina Hidalgo* (D)

Georgia D. Provost (D)

Harris County district clerk

Chris Daniel (R)

Desiree Broadnax (D)

Marilyn Burgess* (D)

Harris County clerk

Stan Stanart (R)

Teneshia Hudspeth* (D)

Harris County treasurer

Eric Dick (R)

Kyle Scott (R)

Dylan Osborne* (D)

Carla L. Wyatt (D)

Harris County commissioner Precinct 4

R. Jack Cagle* (R)

Lesley Briones (D)

Gina Calanni (D)

Bejamin "Ben" Chou (D)

Clarence Miller (D)

Jeff Stauber (D)

Ann Williams (D)

U.S. Congress District 2

Robin Fulford (D)

Dan Crenshaw* (R)

Martin Etwop (R)

U.S. Congress District 18

Sheila Jackson Lee* (D)

Carmen Maria Montiel (R)

U.S. Congress District 29

Sylvia Garcia* (D)

Jaimy Blanco (R)

Lulite Ejigu (R)

Julio Garza (R)

Robert Schafranek (R)

U.S. Congress District 38

Diana Martinez Alexander (D)

Duncan F. Klussman (D)

Centrell Reed (D)

Phil Covarrubias (R)

John Cross (R)

Jerry Ford (R)

Brett Guillory (R)

David Hogan (R)

Wesley Hunt (R)

Rolando Lopez (R)

Damien Matthew Peter Mockus (R)

Mark Ramsey (R)

Richard Welch (R)

Texas Senate District 4

Misty Bishop (D)

Brandon Creighton* (R)

Texas Senate District 6

Carol Alvarado* (D)

Martha Fierro (R)

Texas Senate District 7

Paul Bettencourt* (R)

Texas Senate District 15

Molly Cook (D)

John Whitmire* (D)

George Vachris (R)

Texas House District 126

E. Sam Harless* (R)

Texas House District 130

Thomas Oliverson* (R)

Texas House District 139

Jarvis D. Johnson* (D)

Texas House District 141

Senfronia Thompson* (D)

Texas House District 148

Penny Morales Shaw* (D)

Kay Smith (R)

Texas House District 150

Ginny Brown Daniel (D)

Bryan Le (R)

Valerie McGilvrey (R)

Deborah Riddle (R)

Valoree Swanson* (R)