The last day for Spring ISD parents, students and employees to vote on the calendar for the 2024-25 school year has passed, with trustees slated to approve the final option in mid-December.

In case you missed it

Two options for SISD’s 2024-25 academic calendar were posted online for the SISD community to vote on until Nov. 29.

The two calendar drafts are named Option A and Option B. According to drafts posted on SISD’s social media, key differences between the two calendars include:
  • The first day of work for teachers in the 2024-25 school year would be Aug. 5 under Option A and Aug. 6 under Option B.
  • Oct. 14 and 15 are designated as holidays for both students and staff under Option A, while Option B would slate these days as holidays for only students.
  • The last day of work for teachers in the 2024-25 school year would be June 3, 2025, for Option A and June 2, 2025, for Option B.
Meanwhile, both calendars include:
  • A start date of Aug. 14 for students
  • An end date of May 30, 2025, for students
  • Summer school being held June 5-July 2, 2025
Stay tuned

The final choice for the calendar will be proposed for trustee approval at the board’s meeting in mid-December, Superintendent Lupita Hinojosa said Nov. 14.