Spring ISD and ExxonMobil are partnering to expand STEM—or science, technology, engineering and math—programming in the district and open new tech centers for Greater Houston-area students in late 2024.

What’s happening?

On Nov. 9, Sheneeta White—a STEM program manager with ExxonMobil—and Katherine Taylor—a program manager with the ExxonMobil Foundation—made a presentation to SISD trustees about the program. According to a Nov. 14 news release from SISD, the program comprises:
  • New tech centers that will offer 150-200 students from Greater Houston-area school districts, including SISD, the opportunity for “hands-on experience with STEM activities”
  • STEM training for local teachers at universities, beginning in summer 2024
  • Providing Greater Houston-area schools with “science supplies and materials to further student education"
“We do want to be that example for the world, not just for Texas,” SISD Superintendent Lupita Hinojosa said in a statement. “And I know our students will definitely take great pride in being able to partner with ExxonMobil.”

The first tech center will be located near ExxonMobil’s Spring campus in CityPlace, according to the news release.

What trustees are saying

Multiple trustees expressed support for the program Nov. 9, including board Vice President Winford Adams Jr.

“I also think this is a wonderful idea and an innovation, and I think more school districts need to explore in partnering. ... Also, because [of] an approach this board is taking towards any partnership, or any program, ... there are questions that come up around return on investment. ... When the data starts to come back, we will want to see ... concrete data on how that's going,” Adams said.