For the fifth consecutive year, Klein ISD officials proposed to lower the district's property tax rate during the board of trustees' Sept. 11 meeting.

The overview

District officials proposed tax rate of $1.0316 per $100 valuation for the upcoming fiscal year, down from last year’s rate of $1.23 per $100 valuation.

According to district documents, the tax rate includes $0.6716 for maintenance and operations and $0.36 for debt service. The rate is based on a total appraised value of more than $35 billion and a total taxable value of roughly $26.4 billion, according to estimates provided by the Harris Central Appraisal District.

KISD Chief Financial Officer Daniel Schaefer said if approved, the proposed rate would represent the lowest tax rate approved by trustees in the last 31 years.

Trustees will hold a public hearing to discuss the proposed tax rate at their Oct. 2 board meeting before voting to consider formally adopting the new rate.

Why it matters

Despite home values within KISD’s boundaries increasing by roughly 10.4% from 2022-23, district data shows the average tax bill for homeowners will drop by roughly $770 following the passage of Senate Bill 2 in July.

Under the bill, homeowners will receive a $100,000 tax exemption on their primary home, up from the previous $40,000 exemption. District documents show tax bills for homeowners within the district are projected to drop from an average of $2,950 in 2022 to about $2,180 in 2023.

Texans will need to approve a constitutional amendment included in SB2 during the Nov. 7 election for the tax cuts to show up on this year’s tax bill. However, Schaefer said these amendments have historically been successful.

"Not only should taxable values remain fairly flat for every homeowner, but the rate is also going down," Schaefer said. "Taxpayers should actually see a decrease in their bill, which is much deserved and much needed."