In an effort to reward Spring ISD teachers and lure potential applicants to the district, trustees approved a package April 12 that will include bonuses for the 2022-23 school year.

SISD core content teachers—educators who teach mandatory courses in the subjects of math, science, language arts and social studies—will receive $2,000 along with another stipend based on how long they have been teaching and their "track record of measured growth in the classroom,” according to an April 14 SISD news release. Additionally, new recruits in core subjects will receive a monetary payment based on the same criteria.

“We want [SISD teachers] to know, first and foremost, that this is their home,” SISD Superintendent Lupita Hinojosa said on April 12. “That we value them [and] that we want them to stay with us.”

The motion, which was approved unanimously by trustees, will also grant two additional days off for current core teachers to use in the upcoming school year.

“We are still in a very sensitive state with a pandemic,” Hinojosa said. “And so we believe giving our teachers two additional days to use at their discretion is so important.”

Recruited and current teachers with one to two years of teaching experience who meet the district’s criteria can receive a $2,000 bonus, while three to five years of experience earns teachers $3,500, and six or more years of experience earns teachers a sum of $5,000.

The package will be funded by about $17 million in federal funding the district has received, including grants from the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief programs, Chief Financial Officer Ann Westbrooks said on April 12.

This decision was not the final discussion the board will have regarding employee compensation before the district's budget is set for next year, Board President Justine Durant said.

“We still have conversations to have around starting salaries, raises, paraprofessionals—so we still have all that work left to do,” Durant said. “But this is so that our [human resources] department can get out there to recruit and retain teachers now.”

To apply for a job at SISD or for more information on the incentive package, click here.