Armed with a secret family tamale recipe, husband-and-wife duo Daniel and Tina Gonzalez said they have relied on faith and hard work to bring success to their business, Granny’s Tamales.

“We put God first, and we work real hard, and that's gonna create success,” Tina said. “That's what we've done for the past 18 years is we live by that motto.”

Granny’s Tamales opened in 2005 in a 900-square-foot building in Humble. Tina said the business was launched using the tamale recipe of Daniel’s mother, Juanita Gonzalez, and boasted a menu of 13 tamales varieties, Mexican sugar cookies and salsa.

Over the years, Tina said the Granny’s Tamales menu has evolved with new flavors. The eatery's top-selling tamales are the pork and beef mix—which comes in a mild or spicy variety; jalapeno, cheese and chicken; and spinach, cheese and chicken, Tina said.

“Over the past 18 years, everybody that tried them talked about how good they are,” Tina said.

The Gonzalez couple owns four stores across the Greater Houston area, including a store in Spring, a food truck in Humble and a location in New Caney, which opened in May. Tina noted the current Humble location—at 1305 First St. E., Humble—opened in November 2020.

Granny’s Tamales also frequently sets up booths at farmers markets and local food festivals, which Tina said has contributed to the business's success.

“Over the years, our name has just gotten out there through the different things that we've marketed and did,” Tina said.

However, the journey of opening four locations has not been without challenges, Tina said. Tamales are a popular holiday food, so Granny’s Tamales sells the most tamales during the winter months. The summers, on the other hand, can be a difficult time for the business, she said.

“It's not easy to sell a tamale in July or August with the heat. ... You have to be more strategic in what you're doing and more diverse in how you do things, and you have to have a good product for tamales to make it here in the summer,” Tina said.

Granny’s Tamales also has locations in Corpus Christi that Juanita—also known as "Granny" and the business’s namesake—first opened with her husband, Roberto, in 1999. Juanita and Roberto have since passed away, but Tina said the family works to keep their legacy alive through the business.

“We have a great recipe from my mother-in-law," Tina said. "As a family, we're still keeping the tradition going with the tamales."

Granny’s Tamales

A) 1305 First St. E., Humble


Hours: Mon.-Sat. 8 a.m.-6 p.m., closed Sun.

B) 417 Gentry St. Ste. B, Spring


Hours: Mon.-Sat. 8-6 p.m.