Spotted cow prints, bovine figurines and trails of hoof tracks adorn Moo House Cafe—a theme owner Joan Tong said she chose not only for her daughter’s love of cows, but also because the animal makes many of her recipes possible.

“We use milk to do milk tea and stuff like that,” Tong said. “So I feel that is a pretty good theme.”

Moo House Cafe has been operating since 2017 and celebrated its five-year anniversary June 17. Tong said the cafe’s menu features recipes inspired by different cultures around the world, including her homeland of Hong Kong.

Tong moved to the U.S. about 20 years ago, and decided to pursue her dream of opening her own tea shop after her two children started attending Klein ISD.

“At that time, we [didn’t] see a lot of boba tea shops around this area. ... It [was] my dream to open one in this area, introduce our country [and] different countries’ food to this community,” Tong said.

Moo House Cafe serves different flavors of milkshakes—which Tong said are made in a Hong Kong style—as well as teas, smoothies, coffee, sodas, yogurt drinks and frappes. Each of the cafe’s beverages can be customized with add-ins, such as boba, jellies, puddings, candy and whipped cream.

“It’s hard for [my family] to just go [to] one stop to get the whole family’s favorites,” Tong said. “So that’s one of the ideas for me over here is one family comes in here, [and] they can get what they [all] want.”

A menu of savory and sweet eats is also offered at the cafe with items such as Korean fries, mozzarella dogs and Japanese popcorn chicken being customer favorites, Tong said.

Over the past five years, Tong said her favorite part of running Moo House Cafe has been seeing her customers grow up.

“Like 65-75% of business right now is our loyal customers,” Tong said. “But also, I really hope there [will be] some new customers coming in too to try us out.”

Moo House Cafe

7310 Louetta Road, Ste. A120, Spring


Hours: Noon-9 p.m. daily