When Abbey Hebert moved from Acadia Parish, Louisiana, to Houston in 2019, she was not sure if she would ever find the Cajun food she had grown up eating, she said. So instead of continuing the search, she and boyfriend Cody Nicholson decided to make it themselves.

Hebert and Nicholson opened House of Roux in May 2021. Located in Old Town Spring, the restaurant serves authentic Cajun cuisine, such as gumbo and boudin as well as alligator, crawfish and New Orleans’ famous Cafe du Monde coffee.

The menu boasts a selection of Herbert’s family recipes, some of which were passed down from Hebert’s great-grandmother. While the duo runs the restaurant together, Hebert cooks, while Nicholson handles the business side.

According to Hebert, most Houston-area Cajun restaurants serve New Orleans cuisine as opposed to the food she grew up eating.

“There’s no tomato in gumbo where I’m from,” she said. “A lighter roux or gumbo that has okra, ... it’s not bad; it’s just not traditional where I’m from.”

Instead, House of Roux uses a “dark roux” base for some of its meals, which Hebert said can take up to four hours to make at the restaurant’s quantity.

“I think that’s a big part of what we are doing here is showing there’s different sides to Louisiana,” Hebert said. “Acadiana, Acadia Parish, even into Lafayette and all those surrounding areas—[those are] some of the best home cooks you’ll find ... I’d say in the world.”

Nicholson said he is proud he and Hebert were able to open the restaurant, but the biggest challenge has been finding staff. The couple each has a full-time job that they work on top of running House of Roux.

“We ran a restaurant for almost a solid year by ourselves, and that was very difficult,” Nicholson said.

Recently, they were able to hire additional help in the kitchen, Nicholson said, and in early June, the couple plans to open a second House of Roux location in Conroe.

House of Roux

317 Gentry St., Ste. D1, Spring



Hours: Wed.-Sun. 11 a.m.-5 p.m., closed Mon.-Tue.