Family traditions inspire owner of soul food restaurant Granny Dee's Kitchen

Oxtail stew and gravy ($14.99) Oxtail is smothered in gravy with sides of rice, collard greens, candied yams and corn bread.

Oxtail stew and gravy ($14.99) Oxtail is smothered in gravy with sides of rice, collard greens, candied yams and corn bread.

Dee Hutching’s grandmother inspired the cozy, welcoming atmosphere Hutching strives to create at soul food and barbecue eatery Granny Dee’s Kitchen. Hutching grew up near Galveston and often visited relatives in Louisiana where Hutching’s family would get together for fish fries and cookouts, she said.

“[My grandmother] would always have an apron on; it doesn’t make a difference if she was cooking or not,” Hutching said. “I want this place to feel just like my grandmother’s house.”

Growing up, Hutching said she would often cook for her father, cousin and five siblings when her mother—who was often ill—was in the hospital for weeks at a time. Hutching also learned a lot from her aunt, who worked at a restaurant.

“I would go to her [my aunt’s] house, and she would let me experiment with different things,” Hutching said.

This early experience in the kitchen inspired some of the dishes the restaurant serves, such as oxtail, smothered pork chops and sides, including black-eyed peas and mashed potatoes, Hutching said.

Granny Dee’s Kitchen also serves tea cakes, pound cakes and pies every day. Hutching said some days, the dessert menu extends to include German chocolate cake, peach cobbler or carrot cake, depending on what kind of baked good she feels like making.

“A German chocolate cake and an Italian cream cake have so many steps to them,” Hutching said. “You’ve got to be right on it that day to do something like that.”

Located on Louetta Road, Granny Dee’s Kitchen was not severely affected by Hurricane Harvey. The restaurant closed for four days and water entered through the ceiling, but Hutching said damage is minimal.

At 65 years old, Hutching said she regrets not opening the restaurant 10 or 20 years ago. After she retires, she said she would like to see her two granddaughters—who currently help at the restaurant—take over and run the place. For now, Hutching said she spends almost the entire day cooking at the restaurant.

“I’m here every day, although I’ve started being away sometimes,” she said. “I’ll never stay gone longer than two hours, [and] they can always get a hold of me.”

Granny Dee’s Kitchen

1950 Louetta Road, Ste. C, Spring
Hours: Tue.-Sat. 11 a.m.-7 p.m., Sun. noon-5 p.m. Closed Mondays