State and federal funding for the T.C. Jester Stormwater Detention Basin project was secured Sept. 25, according to a Sept. 26 news release.

The details

The T.C. Jester Stormwater Detention Basin is a project managed by the Harris County Flood Control District in the Cypress Creek watershed designed to reduce flooding in the area, benefiting both homes and businesses, according to the release.

The project will be located north of Cypress Creek and south of Cypresswood Drive in Spring, with efforts on both the west and east sides of T.C. Jester Boulevard, according to the release.
  • U.S. Rep. Dan Crenshaw, R-Houston, gave $9.95 million in funding for the project in fiscal year 2022-23 through the Federal Emergency Management Agency Pre-Disaster Mitigation Program.
  • State Rep. Sam Harless, R-Spring, gave $12 million in funding for the project through direct state allocation.
  • A potential $27.7 million will be given through the Community Development Block Grant Mitigation Funds.
The specifics

There will be three stormwater detention basins that will collect stormwater from the primary Cypress Creek channel and retain it until water levels recede in the main channel.

According to the release, early estimates suggest that these three basins will have a combined capacity to hold nearly 1,100 acre-feet of stormwater during heavy rain events. This capacity will effectively prevent structures and roadways in the area from being flooded.

A study by Michael Baker International's The Cypress Creek Watershed Major Tributaries Regional Drainage Plan—a study by Michael Baker International in February 2020—identified the primary cause of flooding in the tributaries was Cypress Creek backing up into smaller streams.

What they’re saying

The focus of the project is to prioritize community support and thorough evaluation to ensure alignment with the needs and expectations of local residents, Crenshaw said in the release.

“Of the 20 flood mitigation projects I’ve championed over the last three years, I have made sure to prioritize fully vetted proposals that are supported by widespread community support,” he said.

Harless said he is proud of securing the state budget allocation for the project, underscoring the community's focus on flood mitigation.

“This project in conjunction with others in this address will help us reduce flooding and subsequent damage to many homes and businesses for the future,” he said.