One of two sets of pedestrian amenity projects totaling $3.7 million along the Cypress Creek Greenway has been completed, a spokesperson with Harris County Precinct 3 confirmed May 9.

These projects are part of the larger Cypress Creek Greenway project, which aims to connect more than 40 miles of walking and biking trails along the creek in Spring and beyond, as previously reported by Community Impact. The pedestrian amenity projects focus on parts of the greenway on the north and south side of where Hwy. 249 intersects with Cypress Creek. The projects were designed to connect existing portions of the Cypress Creek Greenway and provide access to the Kickerillo-Mischer Preserve, according to Precinct 3’s website.

One of the projects—Loop 2—was completed in the first quarter of 2023, said Jeannie Peng, senior communications specialist for Harris County Precinct 3, in a May 9 email. The project consisted of added boardwalks for pedestrian use.

The other project—Loop 1—is expected to be finished at the end of May. This project, which is currently underway, will include pedestrian undercrossings at Hwy. 249. Loop 1 is designed to improve pedestrian usage and safety, according to Precinct 3’s website.

Trails connecting both loops will be completed this summer, Peng said. A small playground and picnic area will also be added.

Both of these project series were slated to wrap up in the first quarter of this year, according to Precinct 3’s website. The projects saw only minor supply chain delays for materials needed for the concrete boardwalks and guardrails, Peng said.

The projects are being funded by Precinct 3, which took over the project from Precinct 4 after the Harris County commissioner precinct boundaries were redrawn in late 2021. Peng said Precinct 3 opted to add additional drainage and safety components to the project.

From 2011 to Feb. 2022, about 13 miles of trail had been constructed along the Cypress Creek Greenway, which is the most recent estimate, Jim Robertson, chairman of the Cypress Creek Greenway Project said in a May 8 email. The greenway was conceived more than five decades ago and will likely take just as long to finish, as previously reported by Community Impact.