kroger spring pines A Kroger Marketplace is the first store announced for a shopping center at Spring Cypress and Holzwarth roads.[/caption]

A 123,000-square-foot Kroger Marketplace will anchor the Spring Pines Shopping Center at Spring Cypress and Holzwarth roads, developers announced this week.

Houston-based RHS Interests has partnered with the Oshman family, which previously owned an area sporting goods chain, on the 50-acre property, said RHS President Bob Schultz. The family has owned land at the site since the 1970s.

The site’s proximity to four major roadways made it attractive for development, as 100,000 vehicles pass by the location each day, and it is three miles from the ExxonMobil campus, Schultz said.

The first phase of development will include the Kroger Marketplace and 50,000 square feet of space for retail, services and restaurants.

Kroger Marketplace stores are larger than a traditional Kroger and this location will include housewares, apparel, pharmacy and fuel services, Schultz said. The store is expected to create more than 350 new jobs, he said.

A second phase of development, for which a date has not been set, will consist of additional retail and pad sites and an apartment development, Schultz said. An announcement regarding the remainder of the retail outlets that will occupy the space will be made in two to three weeks.

Construction on the site is planned to begin this summer.