Program reduces penalty for marijuana misdemeanors

A new program went into effect March 1 in Harris County for misdemeanor marijuana possession cases under which individuals will not be charged if they complete a court-ordered class.

Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg—with support from the Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez and Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo—announced the plan Feb. 16 in a press conference. In a statement, Ogg championed the program with the goal of reducing the cost burden for taxpayers associated with court costs and administrative processing.

Under the new program, there will be no arrest, citation, charge, jail or record for those caught possessing up to four ounces of marijuana, Harris County officials said. If less than four ounces of cannabis are found on a person, the person will have to take a four-hour educational class within 90 days. Once the class is done, no charge is ever filed.


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