Don Quixote’s Home Decor brings custom goods from Mexico to Old Town Spring


Omar and Sharon Cortes met in Old Town Spring in 2009, wed and combined their creative efforts in the home decor business they began in 2011 on Midway Street.

Don Quixote’s business has thrived through word-of-mouth recommendations despite economic slumps to help customers and businesses decorate with furniture, and window and metal door designs, Sharon said.

Many of the items sold in the store are handmade in the city of Tepeaca in Puebla, Mexico, where Omar moved from California. Glass wall art, onyx lamps, clay pottery and statues displayed at the store are also made by hand and imported from Mexico, Sharon said.

“Omar got his artistic gift from his father; Omar’s an artist, a leader and a dreamer—which is why we chose the name Don Quixote,” she said.

Sharon’s daughter, Stephanie Rojas, coordinates the online sales orders and social media. The shop’s team of creative consultants and craftsmen have all worked from five to 14 years at the store, Sharon said.

“All of our trained workers rotate to keep the store open every day. We have a guy that will drive your furniture to your doorstep,” Sharon said.

The products can be shipped in the Spring area or anywhere in the world, but the store’s prices are low because furniture sets and decor are all handmade and transported directly from the manufacturer, she said.

“We go into the [customers’] homes and consult, and we have all of our work custom built at a manufacturer in Guadalajara, [Mexico] or handcrafted in Puebla,” Sharon said.

Part of the Cortes family’s business challenge is transportation delays at the border, but customers find when their orders arrive that it is worth the wait, Sharon said.

“It’s solid metal; it’s awesome and beautiful work,” she said.

Don Quixote’s Home Decor
113 Midway St., Spring
Hours: Mon.-Sat. 10 a.m.-6 p.m., Sun. 11 a.m.-6 p.m.

Original creations

Don Quixote’s Home Decor owner, Omar Cortes, travels to Mexico regularly to obtain custom-made furnishings for his store.

  • Sharon Cortes makes measurements with the customer.
  • Customers consult with Omar to create a custom design for a gate, window or wall  niche covering.
  • Omar travels to Puebla, Mexico, every month to retrieve handmade items.
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