Old Town Spring plans to launch its first weekly farmers market on Friday, April 17. According to organizer Mary Middlebrook, the Old Town Spring Farmer’s Market, which will take place every Friday from 3:30-7:30 p.m throughout the year, will be the first and only farmers market in the area.

Located in the parking lot of Immanuel United Church at 501 Border Street, Spring, the market has space for as many as 68 Texas-based vendors selling items ranging from farm-to-table products to handcrafted items.

According to Middlebrook, the market will also feature boutiques offering unique items not commonly found in the area.

“We have limited spaces for boutiques, [but] that's something that is unique for our farmers market because most farmers markets don't allow boutiques to participate at all,” Middlebrook said.

The Old Town Spring Farmers Market is produced by Family Fun Houston marketing and events company, and Middlebrook said she is working closely with the Old Town Spring Improvement District and the Old Town Spring Preservation League to establish the market as a community staple.

“The farmers market is going to do more to get the local community involved on a regular basis,” Middlebrook said. “[It] is going to bring people into [Old Town Spring] on a regular basis and engage more of the local community, as opposed to being just a tourist attraction.”

Middlebrook said she hopes the market serves to support local small businesses and the surrounding community in Old Town Spring.

“Part of the excitement of starting a new event is .... customizing it and getting vendors and businesses there that people want to see,” Middlebrook said. “[The Old Town Spring Farmer’s Market] is not something that they see on a regular basis so it's a special event to come out to every Friday night.”

According to Middlebrook, the market will include vendors such as Spring-based Atkinson Farms, Arts & Baths, an aromatherapy business, and Liquid Bean Cafe, an Old Town Spring coffee shop.

Interested vendors can fill out a registration form on the Old Town Spring Farmer's Market website. For questions, contact Mary Middlebrook at 281-844-3101. www.oldtownspringfarmersmarket.com