Blackhawk Boulevard in Friendswood is now 99% complete on the northbound side of the road from Friendswood Link Road to Edenvale Street, with only minor fixes remaining.

The project, originally funded through a 2013 bond, cost $4.58 million to execute and includes the replacement of thousands of feet of concrete paving, replacement of curbs and gutters, and improvements on the road’s drainage system.

“Blackhawk Boulevard has always been an important thoroughfare for Friendswood residents,” City Manager Morad Kabiri said. “In the early 2010s, as Blackhawk Boulevard neared the age of fifty and was showing its age, it was determined that road reconstruction down to the subgrade, wider sidewalks, and substantial drainage improvements were going to be necessary.”

The subgrade is the material, such as dirt, underneath a road or railway.

“The completed phases of Blackhawk have met or exceeded expectations for residents who use the heavily traveled road,” Kabiri said.

Communications Specialist Jeff Newpher added the street is adjacent to several Friendswood neighborhoods, which added to the importance of the project.
This project is expected to be completed in June.

Friendswood street repairs

The roads being worked on under the five-year street repair plan for the city include Castlewood Avenue, Tanglewood Drive, Chester Drive, Rustic Lane, Meadow Lark Avenue, Clover Ridge Avenue, Westfield Lane, and Mandale Road. This project is funded by the street maintenance sales tax approved by voters in the May 2016 election. The street repairs and maintenance sales tax has generated over $3 million of revenue over the last two fiscal years and is up for reapproval in the November election.