Construction on the Brazoria County portion of Hwy. 288 southbound has been completed with the exits now open. The county is still working on the northbound portion of the road, and the official schedule indicates completion in April, Brazoria County engineer Matt Hanks said. No changes or delays of the schedule have been announced by the county.

“In my opinion, I think it’s probably going to more likely be May due to coronavirus-related slowdown of resources as well as unrelated resource issues,” Hanks said.

The Harris County portion of Hwy. 288 is also still under construction and set to be completed and opened in July. Hanks said the Brazoria County portion will only be able to open when Harris County does as well, but he suspects that may also be affected by similar resource issues.

“There’s a lot of fluidity right now, but I want to say we shouldn’t have a big timeline issue, and we will be done before the TxDOT section is done,” he said.

Timeline: August 2017-September 2019

Cost: $80 million

Funding sources: Brazoria County