Updated at 11:18 p.m., May 4

With more results in, each proposition still has majority support.

Proposition A has 4,302 votes for, or 74.2%, and 1,496 votes against.

Proposition B has 4,138 votes for, or 71.79%, and 1,626 votes against.

Proposition C has 3,777 votes for, or 65.53%, and 1,987 votes against.

Proposition D has 3,095 votes for, or 53.7%, and 2,668 votes against.

Proposition E has 4,117 votes for, or 71.6%, and 1,633 votes against.

Written at 8:04 p.m., May 4

The Pearland 2019 bond early voting results are in. So far, all five propositions have more votes for than against.

Proposition A has 2,926 votes for, or 75.78%, and 935 votes against. Proposition A allocates $28.4 million for drainage improvements and facilities.

Proposition B has 2,783 votes for, or 72.68%, and 1,046 votes against. Proposition B allocates $34.8 million for street improvements.

Proposition C has 2,497 votes for, or 65.21%, and 1,332 votes against. Proposition C allocates $2.5 million for parks and recreation purposes.

Proposition D has 2,046 votes for, or 53.45%, and 1,782 votes against. Proposition D allocates $12.8 million for a new animal shelter and adoption center.

Proposition E has 2,773 votes for, or 72.5%, and 1,052 votes against. Proposition E allocates $1.3 million for a fire department training burn building.

All results are unofficial until canvassed.