Editor's note: The headline and body of this article have been changed to accurately reflect the name of this nonprofit.

Hope Village, a nonprofit that provides living and learning communities for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, is undergoing a campaign to renovate all five of its residential homes to better suit the needs of its "villagers," who live in the community, per a June 6 news release from the group.

The details

A ribbon cutting for will take place June 21 to reveal updates and changes to House 5, located within the 18-acre Hope Village campus in Friendswood. Hope Village has been a forever home for these individuals since 1967, and House 5 provides a home for villagers with the highest personal and medical needs.

Renovations include an updated kitchen, larger communal living spaces designed to accommodate wheelchairs and improved bedroom and bathroom spaces adapted for the needs of villagers.

These updates were made possible through donations from the local community, per the release.