The Texas Department of Transportation undergoes a rigorous process, creating a project concept and scope that aligns with the region’s long-range transportation plan.

Next TxDOT staffers gather data on travel times, crashes, population and employment to determine the area’s needs. Community input is incorporated.

Based on the needs, TxDOT will create several concepts and ask the public to review them. TxDOT will use the input and additional data to refine its concepts.

Once a preferred alternative has emerged, TxDOT will identify environmental issues, collect data and assess constructability. The refined proposal is reviewed again by the public.

TxDOT will then analyze the roadway’s impact on the environment before completing the final design and identifying a funding source.

Once a project has funding, it is placed on TxDOT’s 24-month letting schedule in which contractors bid on projects. The final step is issuing a notice to begin construction.