Construction Masters Residential owner Jeff Davis grew up in a family construction business that has been established for more than 30 years. His upbringing helped him build a knowledge base and attention to detail that helps him best serve his customers.

Why should a homeowner consider remodeling their bathroom or kitchen?

The main thing is for resale value. Updating kitchens and bathrooms definitely help on the sale of a home when you're getting rid of all the builder grade and kind of going more with a custom personal touch. Secondly, remodeling makes people feel better. In fact, with the master bathroom in my own house, I need to remodel it, and it irritates me every day I walk into it. I just don't have time. So it's kind of a two-fold answer: resale value and personal preference.

If someone doesn’t have the budget or time for a complete remodel, what minor renovations can they do for a big impact?

Just paint. It’s amazing what paint can do. It changes the room in a way that’s very affordable, and even the homeowner can do it themselves. You don't have to have a professional come in, but just changing the color of a space definitely changes the feel. Also changing out light fixtures [has a big impact]. Upgrading the light fixture here and a ceiling fan there can definitely change the look of a room.

What are the most important things someone should know before remodeling their home?

Realistically, get multiple estimates on the project. Do your research on the contractors. There's a lot of good ones out there, but there are some that give everybody else a bad name. Then, if you're going to continue to live in the house while the work is being done, just mentally prepare yourself that you are going to be living in a construction site. It's going to be dirty, there's going to be dust. You're going to have strangers in and out of your home, you know, so just kind of mentally prepare yourself for that.

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