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Samuel Cortez
Ask an electrician

Electricity has become a hot topic the past few months in Texas. Pearland electrician Matt Deyo has a few suggestions for helping homeowners when doing electrical projects.

What is one thing homeowners should know when wanting to work on electrical wiring?

Turn the power off. One of my biggest problems is people doing their own electrical work and not knowing what they’re doing at all. Then when we have to come out there to fix it, it makes them more aggravated because it costs them more because they didn’t really know what they were doing, and they mess it up.

If you’re going to change a plug or change out a switch or something like that, just turn the power off. Make sure you turn around and put it back the exact same way you took it off. Don’t go and do wires that you don’t even know what they are.

What is one electricity-related tip people should know about?

One of the biggest things is people plugging in too much power that the breakers ... [are] burning up the plugs, and then we have to change them out.

Have any advice for people to conserve energy?

A lot of people will raise their [air conditioning] up to the 80s when they’re not at home. It’s actually better to keep it at 78 [degrees] and then slowly lower it throughout the day when you get home because if you raise it up to, say, 82 [or] 84 degrees when you’re not home and then you drop it down to the 70s, then it will sit there and run constantly.

Matt Deyo, owner of Deyo Electric. 832-497-7174

Ask a remodeler

Home Evolution owner and contractor Samuel Cortez gives his insight and advice on what people should look for when they decide to do home remodeling.

What should people know before they do any type of home remodeling?

I recommend calling a professional and getting their opinion. Most companies offer free quotes right away. More than a quote is free consultations.

I would say one of the things that people should definitely know before calling is doing research on budget and [having] an idea of what your own budget is.

What is the process like when people decide to remodel their homes?

Most of the time, customers will have an idea of what they want, ... and we’ll tell them if that’s a good or bad idea, and then we tell them what material is best for what they’re wanting to be done.

... If they’re trying to be budget friendly, we can show them the stuff that’s good, and if they’re wanting to splurge, we show them the best.

Is there anything in your home that should be remodeled after a certain amount of time?

When it comes to that kind of stuff, it’s more [on the homeowners]. It’s your home. The one that should be happy the most is you living in your home. So if you feel like your house needs updates, that’s why most people do it. ... But some people love the old-fashioned look.

Samuel Cortez, owner of Home Evolution, 5517 Broadway St., Ste. H, Pearland. 832-788-9396.


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Frontier Waste Solutions on Oct. 1 will begin service as Pearland’s waste provider.

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