The Manvel Police Department has seen substantial growth in recent years, and as a result, officials are looking for an increase in the budget for fiscal year 2024-25.

What you need to know

Since FY 2021-22, the police department’s role has increased in a number of areas, according to city documents. Some examples include:
  • Calls for service, up 160%
  • Traffic stops, up 160%
  • Citations issued, up 225%
  • Arrests, up 165%
With the growth that’s coming up, these numbers are going to continue to go up,” Manvel Police Chief Keith Traylor said at the meeting.

As part of that growth, Traylor requested some personnel additions at City Council's July 1 meeting, which included adding two patrol officers. If approved, it would bring the police’s force to 47 people, according to city documents.

This is a slight increase over the past couple of years but would be a 68% increase in staff when compared to FY 2021-22, which had 28 total staff members, documents show.

Traylor also made the case for more compensation for officers, including shift differential pay, field training officer pay and bilingual pay. However, no other specifics were given at the meeting.

Diving in deeper

Traylor highlighted the need to replace four patrol vehicles as well, which include models that are dating back to 2016 and 2018. One, he said, is “basically dead in the parking lot.”

Vehicles are part of the department’s equipment request, which also includes:
  • 28 rifle-rated patrol vests
  • A drug tester
  • 16 holographic sights for patrol rifles
  • Five uniform jackets
Those items, in addition to the vehicles, would cost an additional $423,600, according to city documents.

The department is also seeking two new vehicles, a drone and other personnel equipment, according to city documents. That, combined with the two new officers and a dispatch supervisor, would cost $409,000.

However, some of this is dependent on if the new personnel is approved, Traylor said. That number also includes a full $60,400 salary for a dispatch supervisor, which would be a reclassified position, meaning it would not cost the full amount.