Nearly two dozen projects have received funding totaling more than $600 million in Brazoria County, as outlined in the Houston-Galveston Area Council’s new four-year transportation plan unveiled April 3.

What you need to know

Several highways and roads in Brazoria County are expected to see work starting in fiscal year 2045-25 and running through fiscal year 2027-28, according to a map of projects provided by the H-GAC.

The funding comes courtesy of several different sources on the federal, state and local levels, according to the report.

According to the report, some of the project highlights in Brazoria County include:

FM 518
  • Two projects are scheduled for fiscal years 2025-26 and 2026-27.
  • The road will be widened from four to six lanes.
  • Across two projects, the total cost is projected to be $161.7 million. Funding for the two projects sits at $144.9 million.
Hwy. 99 tollway
  • Three projects spanning across both Brazoria County and Galveston County are set to be carried out in FY 2025-26.
  • The project will see a four-lane tollway with interchanges and frontage roads built as well as two direct connectors built in Brazoria County.
  • The estimated total cost in Brazoria County is nearly $248.3 million for the tollway, with total funding sitting at $203.16 million. Connectors are expected to cost $104.3 million, with $88.4 million in funding available.
Hwy. 288
  • A single project running from Hwy. 6 to FM 1462 is expected to be carried out in FY 2025-26.
  • Workers will install new equipment and infrastructure.
  • The estimated total cost of the project is a little more than $8 million, which is fully funded.
CR 181 widening
  • This project is expected to take place in FY 2024-25.
  • The road will be reconstructed and winded from two to four lanes.
  • The estimated total cost is $6.8 million, with $5.46 million in funding available.
To view more projects across the region, view the interactive map here.

The background

The H-GAC revealed the four-year plan with numerous projects receiving more than $18.77 billion in total funding. However, many projects listed will still need more money to get across the finish line, according to the report.

Community Impact previously reported the bulk of the funding comes from the Texas Department of Transportation and various federal grants.

Stay tuned

The H-GAC will accept public comment on the project list through April 24. Residents can make comments through the H-GAC comment portal.