Pearland city officials have voted to adopt new milestones and a new strategic priority for the city for both 2024 and the years ahead.

In a nutshell

On March 25, Pearland City Council voted unanimously to approve the strategic priorities presented at the city’s annual planning retreat in February.

The planning retreat brought city officials and elected representatives together to discuss the city’s goals for this year and longer-term goals, and reflect on the previous year's accomplishments.

Community Impact previously reported that last year in March, Pearland City Council voted to affirm six new strategic priorities, which officials opted to affirm again this year, but chose to change the final priority from “Whole Community” to “Connect Community.”

City officials decided to change the name because they generally felt that “Whole Community” did not capture Pearland’s intent to be a “community of choice,” City Manager Trent Epperson said.

City officials affirmed the following strategic priorities for Pearland:
  • Trusted Government to deliver high-quality, transparent services
  • Strong Economy
  • Safe Community
  • Sustainable Infrastructure
  • Resilient Finances
  • Connected Community to foster a sense of belonging events, services, amenities and gathering spaces.
​​​​To help put its vision of the city into action, the city identified milestones for each strategic priority, including the new “Connected Community” priority.

The following initiatives were new milestones city officials approved at the City Council meeting:
  • Create a Pearland Recovery Committee, which will discuss recovery following natural disasters.
  • Expand the city’s financial planning from one-to-three-year planning to three-to-five-year planning.
  • Continue to pursue the Cultural Arts Master Plan.
Epperson presented milestones that would support the new “Connected Community” strategic priority, including:
  • Implementing the second phases of both the Hickory Slough Sportsplex and Independence Park projects
  • Completing the second phase of Pearland’s historic train depot renovation
  • Completion of the Old Towne Revitalization Plan
In their own words

Mayor Kevin Cole expressed enthusiasm for the new Pearland Recovery Committee, which he said would not only prepare the city to respond to the aftermath of natural disasters such as hurricanes, but also other crises such as active shooter events or a train derailment.

“We do a great job planning,” Cole said. “... I want to make sure we’re a city that does a tremendous job in the aftermath and in the human element.”

What’s next?

City staff will develop action plans for the new milestones and strategic priority, and share progress updates with City Council in June, Epperson said.