Pearland’s Autumn Lakes Lift Station will undergo infrastructure updates as part of the city’s wider efforts to improve its wastewater systems.

The gist

On Feb. 12, Pearland City Council voted to award a construction project to make infrastructure improvements to Autumn Lakes Lift Station, which lifts wastewater from the John Hargrove Environmental Complex, according to agenda documents.

The project follows the city’s wider efforts to assess wastewater facility conditions and rehabilitate aging or outdated equipment, according to agenda documents.

According to Pearland’s Wastewater Master Plan, the station, which has been in service since 2001, as well as the coatings on the station equipment, are in “poor condition,” according to agenda documents.

The $762,000 project, which will be largely funded by certificates of obligation, was awarded to McDonald Electric and will include replacing the station’s outdated equipment.

One more thing

The construction will begin in March and wrap up in December, according to agenda documents.