Continuing the city’s investment trend in its water infrastructure, the city of Pearland’s ground and elevated water storage tank will undergo major construction.

The gist

On Nov. 27, Pearland City Council voted to award a $1.7 million construction contract to repair and recoat three water storage tanks at the Cullen Parkway, Bailey Road and Magnolia Parkway locations.

A 2019 inspection revealed many of the city’s 21 tanks showed signs of corrosion on the interior and exterior walls and roofs, as well as on the internal structural and mechanical components, according to agenda documents. Sediment was also uncovered at the bottom of the tanks.

What else

The city will also update the water tanks with the logos and mascots of local high schools, City Manager Trent Epperson said. Those will include:
  • Robert Turner High School
  • Pearland High School
  • Glenda Dawson High School
  • Shadow Creek High School
One more thing

Because T-Mobile is leasing communication space in the area of the Cullen tank, the rehabilitation work will begin with the Bailey and Magnolia tanks first, according to agenda documents.

City staff have coordinated the removal of the T-Mobile communications equipment from the area before construction starts, according to agenda documents.