Pearland City Council on Sept. 13 passed the first reading of an ordinance adopting the fiscal year 2021-22 budget. The second and final reading will be held Sept. 27. In addition, city council also adopted the first reading of the tax rate set at $0.708250 per $100 valuation.

“We have a balanced budget,” Pearland Budget Manager Eric Roche said. “Our annual operating revenue is even with our operating costs. Our fund balance are above even the increased 25% minimum ... The trend continues that we are investing in our people, this year through comp and class.”

In addition to passing the first reading of the budget for FY 2021-22, city council added an amendment to strike $750,000 from expenditure cap, which was financed by the general fund, that was originally designated for an emergency provisions storage facility that would have been stocked with relief resources such as food and water in the event of a disaster.

The $750,000 was broken down into design, construction, equipment and furniture and lastly an amount designated as a contingency.

“This doesn’t say the cost of the bottled water, or [Meals Ready to Eat] or are those are going to be recurring,” Council Member Alex Kamkar said. “How often do we replace MREs ... We don’t have the capability to emergency provision, you’re supposed to [have enough for] three days ... this doesn’t cover that. The cost recurring isn’t in here.”

Property tax rate

The $0.708250 property tax rate is a decrease from the $0.72 rate a year ago, and it is below the No-New-Revenue and Voter-Approval tax rates. The tax rate is broken into two parts: the operating tax rate, which is $0.316250 and the debt service tax rate, which is $0.392000.

The tax rate provides the property tax revenues to pay debt service and operating costs for departments such as public safety, parks, public works and general government activities, according to agenda documents.