The city of Pearland is holding a regular meeting May 18 at 6:30 p.m., the agenda for which has several items, including a public hearing about reallocating funds originally earmarked for the Pearland Train Depot to COVID-19 response.

The city is holding the first of two public hearings about the potential to reallocate $60,000 from the federal Community Block Development Grant for COVID-19 response. The city receives these funds from the federal government annually, and the $60,000 has been set aside to match funding for the Pearland Train Depot's historic preservation, according to the agenda packet.

This would be also discussed at council's meeting June 8 following the second public hearing, according to the packet.

With the $60,000, staff is suggesting allocating $20,000 to meals and delivery for the elderly, $20,000 to Counseling Connections for Change for mental health counseling and $20,000 to Pearland Neighborhood Center for rent and utility assistance to Pearland’s lower income community, according to the agenda packet.

Council also has an action item authorizing an $3.3 million Advanced Funding Agreement for the Safe Routes to Schools Project. Enhancements would include adding or connecting crosswalks, or providing pedestrian bridges. Under the AFA, TxDOT would reimburse the city for 80% of the cost of construction, according to the agenda packet.

If the resolution passes, the design phase would begin by the end of May, according to the packet.

There is an option to videoconference into the meeting and to call in for public comment.