Friendswood ISD’s board of trustees approved an emergency purchase for heating, ventilation and air conditioning, or HVAC, coil replacements, totaling to a little more than $342,900 at its May 13 meeting.

What’s happening?

The condenser coils on the three different chillers at Friendswood Junior High School are either severely leaking or broken beyond repair, according to district agenda documents.

While the first chiller is at 75% capacity, the second chiller is at 0% capacity, and the condenser coil is broken beyond repair, according to district documents. The third chiller is at 50% capacity.

The district has a 400-ton chiller rented to maintain cooler temperatures throughout the rest of the school year, according to district documents.

The school year for FISD ends May 23, according to the district's academic calendar.

Zooming in

An installation of completely new chillers would take about 12 months to complete. Instead of replacing them completely, repairing them was seen as a quicker option to be able to maintain cooler temperatures during late spring, summer and into the next school year, according to district officials.

The district’s HVAC and maintenance officials recommended a replacement of the condenser coils and electronic expansion valves, or EXVs; and procuring new parts for all three chillers, according to district documents.

The purchase will be made through maintenance bond funds, according to district documents.

Stay tuned

The coil replacement will take place on May 25, documents show. The remaining condenser coils and EXVs for the second and third chillers will be replaced from June 28 through July 6.