Masterpiece Academy, a faith-based private school, is coming to Pearland Town Center this summer.

The details

Masterpiece provides education for prekindergarten to fifth grade students, from ages 4 to 11 years old.

Its curriculum is based on "learning how to learn," according to its website—meaning it centers processes, frameworks and strategies to master a subject and think critically.

Their learning design also includes hands-on projects, socratic discussions and apprenticeships to develop real-world skills and character.

The framework

Masterpiece is an an independent school under an affiliate network that receives mentorship from the founding Acton Academy, based in Austin.

Acton Academy emphasizes a "learn-to-know" approach to education, which encourages students to become experts through open-ended discussion and action-based learning, according to their website.

This education model encourages students to become independent learners who research questions, follow instructions and solve problems, and empowers them to learn from mistakes, per Masterpiece Academy's website.