Alvin Community College and University of Houston Clear Lake-Pearland are partnering up to offer an associate and bachelor’s degree program in engineering, according to an ACC news release.

The program, which will begin in August 2022, will allow ACC students to earn an associate degree in engineering and then transfer to UHCL-Pearland to gain their bachelor’s degree, according to the release.

“We are excited that ACC is offering an associate degree in engineering,” UHCL President Ira Blake said in the release. “There are numerous benefits to students, but the ability to complete a degree more quickly in a familiar environment should enhance degree completion rates. This will place more ACC and UH-Clear Lake engineers in the workforce.”

The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board approved the program Aug. 18, according to a letter by the THECB sent to ACC.

“To partner with UHCL with our associate degree engineering program of study is a perfect example of how collaboration between higher education institutions benefits every stakeholder,” ACC President Robert Exley said in the release. “First and foremost, students have an affordable path to completion of the bachelor’s degree in engineering. Second, our ACC students are exemplary with their commitment to excellence and their ability to master the engineering curriculum. I could not be prouder of ACC and UHCL.”