Pearland ISD adjusted its spring 2021 instructional calendar to include four asynchronous remote learning days, according to a district press release.

Here are the asynchronous remote class days:

  • Jan. 29

  • Feb. 26

  • March 26

  • April 23

On remote learning days, students will still be required to complete asynchronous classwork. During asynchronous learning, students have work, but are not required to complete it with a teacher present or during traditional class times. Students will have to complete their work by 11:59 p.m. on these asynchronous learning days, according to the district release.

The board voted to approve creating some remote, asynchronous class time during the spring semester at its Dec. 15 board meeting. This came after the state approved allowing asynchronous minutes to count toward attendance.

The asynchronous learning gives teachers time to plan and support students, according to the release.