Due to their family’s can-do spirits and cooking skills, cousins AJ Jaser and Eddie Taye were inspired to own and run two of the three Stomp’s Burger Joints, all around the Bay Area.

Jaser’s father started 9er’s Grill, which the cousins said is responsible for their idea to run Stomp’s. Jaser started working at 9er’s when he was 17 and spent five years learning about the restaurant business from experience.

“I’ve always liked food, liked cooking, but I didn’t study it. It’s all layman’s knowledge—doing it yourself,” Jaser said.

Taye, who lives in Pearland, attended the University of Houston and worked at a gas station before joining the restaurant industry.

Both credit their Palestinian grandmother’s cooking as inspiration. Their grandparents came to the U.S. around 1980. The pair channel their spirit as well as Jaser’s father’s work ethic.

“We’re not professionals at franchising,” Jaser said. “We’re people who know how to get things done through grit and grind and not giving up.”

The menu features typical burger joint fare for dine in or pickup with a selection of specialty burgers. Fresh ingredients are delivered every other day, and its burgers are never frozen. The Big State Burger, which has an Angus beef patty on a Philly steak, draws the most customers, Taye said.

The Stomp’s name was created by the Baycliff location’s previous owner, whom they purchased the restaurant from in 2012. After changing the menu up to make it their own, the family opened the Pearland location in January 2017.

Taye manages the Pearland location and Jaser the Baycliff one. Stomp’s Webster location opened in 2020 and is owned by Taye’s brother-in-law Joel Sanchez, who hopes to have locations in Katy and League City within a year.

“We’re trying to spread our wings and grow the name,” Taye said.

Stomps’s Burger Pearland

12705 Broadway St. Ste. 109, Pearland



Hours: Mon.-Sun. 11 a.m.-9 p.m.