The Friendswood location of Perry & Sons Market & Grille owes its popularity and longevity to its regular customers, General Manager Chris Sandel said.

“All we have is word of mouth,” Sandel said.

Locals can choose quality meat from the butcher shop, which boasts cuts of steak as well as ground meat, and can also enjoy a made-to-order meal.

Two of the most popular menu items are the ribeye sandwich and the steak and shrimp meal.

Both quality and service are important in growing the business’ brand, Sandel said.

For Perry’s owner Chris Perry, the most important part of running the business is making sure that the customers are satisfied.

“When customers come in, you have to make them feel special and enjoy the experience,” Chris Perry said in a written statement.

Chris Perry’s father, Bob Perry, started Perry’s in 1979 with a butcher shop in Scarsdale. In 1986, Chris Perry convinced his father to add tables and chairs. Two years later, Perry’s opened a Friendswood butcher shop and restaurant location in 1988.

The Scarsdale and Friendswood locations are the only two butcher shops left for the corporation, which has also opened its popular steakhouses around the Houston area under Chris Perry.

“My Father has always been my mentor and I am very thankful that I was able to work alongside him, learn from him and then take the dream to the next level, with him watching every step of the way,” Chris Perry said in a written statement.

While the steakhouses allow people to have a nice night out with a bar and tableside carvings, the market and grill is more casual, he said.

Sandel began working at one of the steakhouses as a waiter before becoming the general manager at the butcher shop years later, he said.

“It’s cool to be with the roots where the company started,” Sandel said.