Brazoria County Drainage District 4 is working on projects throughout Pearland. Read to learn about the most recent developments on Country Place Ditch and Westminister Ditch.

Country Place Ditch

Work has been delayed on Country Place Ditch due to inclement weather, according to Brazoria County Drainage District 4. The project included drainage reclamation, outfall repairs and maintenance.

The drainage right of way was cleared of structures, fences, plants and any other obstructions, according to the district’s website.

Timeline: July 2019-April 2020

Cost: $1.09 million

Funding source: Brazoria Country Drainage District 4

Future Project

Westminister Ditch

Brazoria County Drainage District 4 expects to complete design on Westminister Ditch in March. The project’s construction may be delayed as resources may have to be allocated to the federally funded Clear Creek project.

The goal of the project is to shift the ditch within the drainage district’s right of way to provide maintenance access on both sides.

Timeline: TBD

Cost: $752,738

Funding source: Brazoria County Drainage District 4