A total of 3,239 businesses in Pearland and Friendswood received Paycheck Protection Program loans from the U.S. Small Business Administration totaling at least $158 million, according to SBA data.

The loans saved at least 31,005 local jobs, according to the data.

The SBA awarded low- or no-interest PPP loans to thousands of businesses nationwide to curb the economic effects brought on by the coronavirus pandemic. The SBA released data July 6 on which entities received PPP loans and for how much and how many jobs were saved as a result.

The data is broken down into two sets: businesses that received less than $150,000 in loans and those that received $150,000 or more. The first data set does not include the names of businesses that received loans but shows the exact loan amounts each business received. The second one includes the name of businesses that received loans but only a range of money received, not an exact amount.

Of the five ZIP codes in the area—77089, 77546, 77578, 77581 and 77584—businesses in ZIP code 77584, which includes Pearland, received the most loans. A total of 977 Pearland businesses received PPP loans, 79 of which were for $150,000 or more, according to the data.

The ZIP code 77581, which also includes Pearland, received 851 loans, 99 of which were for $150,000 or more. ZIP code 77546, which includes Friendswood, received a similar number of loans, at 808, 85 of which were for $150,000 or more, the data shows.

ZIP code 77089, which includes parts of Pearland and Friendswood, and ZIP code 77578, which includes Manvel, received 391 and 222 loans, respectively. Of the total 583 loans, 45 were for $150,000 or more, according to the data.

Of the more than 3,200 loans, only six were for $2 million-$5 million: Allied Fire Protection, E-Z Line Pipe Support Company, HA Automotive Investments, Kemlon Products and Development Group, Power Rental Solutions and TJL Industries, the data shows.

None of the loans to Pearland or Friendswood businesses topped $5 million.