With concerns over the coronavirus at the forefront of everyone’s mind, some business owners have had to make fast changes to slow the virus’s spread. One business adapting quickly is the Allegro Pearland Academy of Music.

Owner Heather Scharbor moved all of her lessons online as of March 16 and said her company is carrying on with usual weekly scheduled classes while offering additional services.

“We already view music as therapy so now we are emphasizing to our families that we can help them maintain some normalcy in their schedules,” Scharbor said.

The music academy, which opened in 2011, has begun encouraging students to take part in composition challenges held twice a month to keep students motivated by writing their own songs about fun topics. Scharbor said she is looking to begin holding free social classes where small groups of students can interact once a week.

“We are very focused on the mental health aspect of all of this, and trying to support our young people,” Scharbor said.

Scharbor added that for young children especially, the changes can be very difficult to understand and deal with, so she hopes the music lessons and her business can make a difference for students and parents. She said that she and the company have received a lot of positive responses from both instructors and parents on the adjustments being made during the pandemic.

“We want to be as accommodating as possible for parents that are suddenly working from home as well,” Administrative Coordinator Sarah Salas said.

Salas said the administrative team and Scharbor spent all weekend figuring out the online lesson system so everything would be ready for the instructors on Monday morning.

“It was definitely challenging because online lessons weren’t something we had as a backup before this, but it's been very rewarding,” Salas said. “I’ve seen that the kids are really happy to be able to see their teachers and continue their lessons."