Update (May 7): This article was updated to inculde comments from candidate Dalia Kasseb.

After neither candidate garnered more than 50 percent of the vote as polls closed Saturday, Adrian Hernandez and Dalia Kasseb will face each other in a runoff next month to decide who will be the next Position 4 council member.

"I'm overwhelmed by the amount of support. ... I'm excited to keep going," Hernandez said. "It's no different today than it was yesterday or how it will be tomorrow. I've been serving the city and I'll keep doing that. I'm going to keep doing what I've been doing."

It's a familiar result for Kasseb, who faced six candidates in 2017 for a council position before ultimately losing to Woody Owens in a runoff for Position 7.

"I am buoyed to know I can count on growing support from the community," Kasseb said. "We will continue the fight to become that voice for all on city council and be the solution to the challenges we face in our rapidly growing community."

In early vote totals, Hernandez had a winning margin of votes, but as Election Day ballots were counted, both Kasseb and G. Sonny Atkins picked away at his lead.

"She's a formidable opponent," Hernandez said. "We're going to look to those people we have not reached yet and fill in those gaps."

Despite there being half as many candidates in contention this year, the election drew almost as many votes, with 7,154 total ballots cast, or about 10 percent of eligible registered voters. Hernandez received 3,372 votes, Kasseb received 2,679 and Atkins received 1,103.

Council Member Derrick Reed, running unopposed for Position 2, received 5,732 votes.

Results are not official until they are canvassed at a special city council meeting on May 14.

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