TCEQ, city of Pearland seek source of Shadow Creek Ranch odor


The source of a mysterious smell bothering some residents in Shadow Creek Ranch continues to elude officials attempting to resolve the issue.

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality—which has been working with the city of Pearland—received 58 odor complaints from residents within the community between Sept. 23 and Nov. 10. Some complainants said the stench has been a problem for years.

The TCEQ has been investigating the complaints since August, and 11 investigations were ongoing as of March 1, according to TCEQ media relations specialist Andrew Keese.

“All potential sources for the odors are being evaluated,” he said.

TCEQ, city of Pearland seek source of Shadow Creek Ranch odorSeveral potential sources in the area are being investigated. Akzo Nobel Surface Chemistry and Blue Ridge Landfill are two of the businesses the TCEQ has examined.

Michael Leech, Pearland assistant director of public works, said the city has received more than 100 calls from residents reporting a foul smell in Shadow Creek Ranch. These complaints prompted staff to conduct tests on the city’s sanitary sewer infrastructure.

“Our crews went out and inspected every one of the more than 1,100 manholes that are in the Shadow Creek Ranch area to make sure odors weren’t emanating from them,” Leech said.

City staff found no problems with any manholes and also dismissed the Reflection Bay wastewater treatment plant as the source, Leech said.

As complaints continued coming in, the city began plotting the location of callers to compile a map to help determine a cause. Residents are encouraged to note a description of the smell and the time of day it occurs.

“We’re able to identify areas where the calls are coming from and at what times,” Leech said.

The city also uses a local weather station to determine the wind direction at the time the reported odor occurs, he said. Although the data maps do not show a concentration from which the complaints are coming, a particular wind direction appears to be involved.

“It’s sort of all over the subdivision,” Leech said. “It seems like the calls come in when the winds are coming from the north and the west.”

Residents have described the odor as being similar to chemicals as well as burning, rotting garbage, sewage and rotten eggs, according to the TCEQ. All complainants said the smell occurs only from around
6 p.m.-8 a.m.

Maria Shaw, Shadow Creek Ranch general manager, was unavailable for comment.

Leech encouraged residents to continue to report odors to the city. With no source yet identified, he said the more information residents supply, the better.

“This [type of]issue is new to me,” Leech said. “An issue of this scale and that is this challenging to [resolve]is very new to me, and I’ve been in the government/municipal business for almost 20 years.”

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  1. 58 Odor complaints seems like a very low number for that time frame. I am a resident and can assure you that there are more complaints than that in a single week based off of the level of activity on the SCR Nextdoor forums. There are nearly 600 recent posts on the Strange Odor topic. TCEQ seems to be stonewalling although they finally admit that they’ve detected the odor. SCR doesn’t even acknowledge that it is an issue and many of the residents are left to wonder what they are paying homeowners dues for if they can’t get the HOA to address this issue on behalf of the homeowners. It’s definitely a chemical smell and it only happens in the evening and early morning.

    • I’m pretty sure that smell is coming from the landfill…Shadow Creek Ranch is right next to Almeda…Landfill is just on the other side…

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