United Flea Markets purchased Cole’s Antique and Flea Market in December after the market’s previous owner died. The business has plans to renovate the market, starting with adding a food truck park.

The item was discussed at the June 21 Pearland Planning and Zoning Commission meeting. The commissioners did not take any action on the item but expressed their verbal approval of the food truck park.

“You had me at food trucks,” Commissioner Derrell Isenberg said. “I remember when they put up the flea market. It’s an eyesore to Pearland.”

United Flea Markets buys flea markets around the United States and revitalizes them. The original flea market for the business is in Denver, and it is the goal for other flea markets the business owns.

“It’s essentially like going to the county fair every weekend,” said Lincoln Hoffman, United Flea Market’s director of field services, at the meeting.

While the market is only open on weekends, the goal is for the food truck part to be operational all week, Hoffman said. The business also wants to have a stage for concerts and entertainment, if zoning rules permit, according to the business.

Cole’s Antique and Flea Market is located at 1014 N. Main St., Pearland.