A lot has changed in the 23 years Natural Rewards has been in business, but one thing remains constant: Mary Graham and Debbie Jacob’s passion for holistic health.

The women opened the business in a 260-square-foot space on West Broadway Street in 1998. Two years later, they moved to 3704C E. Broadway St., Pearland, and continued to expand until their store became what it is today.

“We knew we needed to grow to meet Pearland’s needs,” Graham said.

Graham’s interest in holistic health—or caring for a person’s whole being, including physical, mental and spiritual needs—began in her 30s. She was on several prescriptions a day when she was in her 20s for health concerns. Now, she takes one prescription occasionally. She began her business out of her home and inspired Jacob to start a holistic health business out of her car.

“I met Mary, and it lit me on fire,” Jacob said.

Jacob pushed Graham to open a store, Graham said. For years, the women thought about opening more locations but decided against it.

“God orchestrated it; we just stepped out of the box,” Jacob said.

For years, Natural Rewards was the only health store in Pearland, Jacob recalls. Today, the store specializes in medicinal herbs but also sells vitamins, homeopathies, aromatherapy, hormonals and specialty foods.

Since the beginning, medicinal herbs have been the store’s specialty and bestseller. The herbs are used to help people navigate health issues and concerns, including digestive issues, migraines, hormones, anxiety and more, the owners said.

Natural Rewards focuses on the whole person, including spiritual, mental and physical health, Jacob and Graham said. They would rather lose a sale than sell people something they do not think will work for them, Jacob said.

“We are probably one of the only stores that is going to tell people not to buy something,” Jacob said.

Graham and Jacob stay in touch with their customers and, as Christians, pray over customers as they become like family to the women.

“We want this to be a relationship and not a sale,” Graham said.