The original owners of Brows’ Aroun’ Antiques wanted the business to be a cowboy antique store. When Chuck Ray purchased the store in 2017, he decided to honor that vision while adding his own style.

“This was our favorite antique store,” he said.

Chuck owns the store with his wife, Renee Ray, and his son Cristien Ray. Chuck and Cristien work up front, while Renee purchases the items for the store.

“My wife loves to shop,” Chuck said.

Many of the antiques in the store come from estate sales. The store has 18 vendors for its products.

However, the store does not sell just antiques; it also sells art pieces, including the large tiki heads outside the store. The heads were made by Mike Quinn, who used to teach art classes in Friendswood. Renee and Cristien took classes from him and liked the work so much, they decided to sell it in the store.

Brows’ Aroun’ also sells Quinn’s “fish with an attitude” pieces in the store, which were popular in the 1980s, Ray said.

The art pieces are some of Chuck’s favorite things the business sells. One unique art item is a table made out of a church door.

“You won’t find another one like it,” he said.

Brows’ Aroun’ Antiques was Sun Ray Antiques before the Rays bought it. The store is celebrating its 20-year anniversary this year. Chuck and Renee bought the store after Chuck retired from his job as an IT director.

Chuck said one of the toughest parts of owning the store is learning the business side of things. Despite the pandemic, the store has remained successful through the last year.

While owning a business comes with its challenges, the people in Pearland are the best part of the job, Chuck said.