Mind and Body Solutions focuses on natural health remedies


Mind and Body Solutions uses nutrition and supplements as an alternative to prescription medication, owner Serge Gregoire said.

Gregoire became interested in nutrition and supplements as a teenager. He suffered from migraines, as well as other ailments, and was tired of taking prescription medicine with few results, he said.

He switched to a paleo diet and supplements, and over time, he said, his symptoms disappeared.

“I am almost 40, and I feel better than when I was 20,” Gregoire said.

Gregoire earned his doctorate in nutrition and was a fellow at Harvard Medical School before opening Mind and Body Solutions in Friendswood.

People come to the business because traditional medicine has not worked for them, Gregoire said.

“They are hopeless. They are at the end of their road,” Gregoire said.

Stacy Delgado, a chiropractor for Mind and Body Solutions, said she had good results from Gregoire’s approach and still follows the program.

“Once I took the course, I was hooked,” Delgado said.

Visits to Mind and Body Solutions consist of a consultation, testing, diagnosis and a plan to wellness, which almost always includes a change in diet as well as herbal supplements.

According to Gregoire, the supplements are made up of the entire herb in its most natural state, which he said gives people benefits more rapidly.

He ships supplements in from Australia, as the United States does not offer the herb in the most potent form, Gregoire said.

According to Gregoire and Tara Haas, the marketing director at Mind and Body Solutions and mother of a patient, the method works because the human body wants to be well.

“It’s very basic; God really designed our bodies to heal themselves,” Haas said.

Even after a patient’s health improves, he or she may continue to see Gregoire, as prevention is part of the practice as well.

“We are going to get you well, but I want for you to stay well,” Gregoire said.

Gregoire opened Mind and Body Solutions in 2008. He said he sees patients from all over the region.

According to Haas, doctors will send patients to Gregoire if they do not have a treatment to prescribe.

“I think more and more doctors are realizing there is a piece missing in what they do,” Haas said.

Mind and Body Solutions
106 Pecan Drive, Friendswood
Hours: Vary daily

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