Conroe to build new sidewalks at seven local schoolsThe city of Conroe is building new sidewalks near seven Conroe ISD schools to improve safety for students who walk to school on a regular basis.

The city and school district partnered to fund the projects at various Conroe schools. The $1.72 million effort also uses federal funds from a $1.14 million grant from the Houston-Galveston Area Council, Conroe Assistant Transportation Director Tommy Woolley said.

Construction on the projects is expected to begin by next summer.

“The sidewalks will connect crossings at signalized intersections so students can cross the street without jaywalking or running across,” Woolley said.

CISD spokesperson Sarah Blakelock said partnering with the city would benefit the district.

“Sidewalks provide students, families and the community a designated, safe walking path,” Blakelock said.