Dining Update–The Macaroni House

There is perhaps no better restaurant in Katy than The Macaroni House for diners whose favorite comfort food happens to be macaroni and cheese. As the name implies, the eatery offers several gourmet variations.

Owner Jennifer Koh, who operates the restaurant with her husband, Chef Carlos Arenas, said her customers are quickly learning how unique a seemingly simple dish such as macaroni and cheese can be.

"[People come in] and then the next day they come back with their friends or families—we get a good amount of repeat customers," Koh said. "There are a lot of burger or sandwich places, but there aren't a lot of macaroni and cheese restaurants. It's a unique concept, and our food speaks for itself."

The restaurant's dishes start with a homemade bechamel sauce and elbow macaroni, mixed with anything from lobster to brisket, which is topped with cheeses to complement the fillings then baked.

Koh said the restaurant's menu is constantly evolving with special dishes debuting every month. January's Mac of the Month was shrimp mango macaroni, which is filled with sauted shrimp, dried mango and topped with mozzarella cheese and mango salsa.

The restaurant is consider gluten-free options in the near future and a possible second location, Koh said.

6501 S. Fry Road

Katy 832-437-7991


Tues.–Sun. 11 a.m.-9 p.m.