City Council members announced the appointment of Billy Tidwell to fill the role of outgoing Tomball Police Chief Rob Hauck—who will now serve as assistant city manager for Tomball—at the Oct. 6 meeting.

"I think coming in here my first initiative is to learn [the police department's] culture and why they do what they do," Tidwell said. "The fact of the matter is what they do works. My first goal is to sit back, learn their culture and see where we can make things better for the community from there."

Tidwell will take the helm of the Tomball Police Department Nov. 10. Hauck will continue to work as chief and assistant city manager until Nov. 10, after which he will serve solely in the assistant city manager role.

Previously, Tidwell joined the Liberty Police Department in 1981 and served for 20 years as an officer and police chief before entering retirement. In 2009, Tidwell rejoined the force as Liberty's police chief, where he has served for the past five years.

"I do a lot of training and met [Hauck] through that, and I know his caliber and his character," Tidwell said. "We talked a lot about the Tomball Police Department when the opportunity came up when he was going to move up to assistant city manager."

Though he is new to Tomball, Tidwell said he already feels welcomed by the police department and the growing city. Tidwell said he plans to expand and strengthen leadership positions within the department in his new role.

"I've been impressed with the whole process," Tidwell said. "I enjoy looking forward to good times, great relationships and getting a lot done."